Why Filipinos Love Raffy Tulfo? Interesting Facts About Tulfo!

Nowadays, many issues and problems are being solved just by asking help from what they called ’Tulfo.’ But do you know him already? I’m sure everybody knows him, even what he does and what he can do but do you really know him well? Let’s get to know him more. 

Rafael “Raffy” Teshiba Tulfo, also known as Tulfo, Paeng, Idol Raffy, Tol Raffy, is a Filipino broadcast journalist, columnist, radio presenter, and television personality whose work focuses on government and private sector issues. 

He studied at Far East University of Manila (FEU) and currently resides in Quezon City. He was born on March 12, 1960, in Davao City. At the age of 61, specifically and presently working in his weekday afternoon radio program in Radyo5 92.3 News FM station. 

Here are the other Network and Radio Station he worked at:

• TV5
• TV5 One PH
• ABC 5
• Aksyon TV
• Netflix
• DZXL (Wanted sa Radyo)

His program focuses on injustice, most especially for powerless and poor people. He also works on the following investigative and public shows:

• Philippine Most Wanted
• Problema Mo, Sagot Ko
• Task Force Siyasat

He also appeared in Isumbong Mo: Tulfo Brothers and his three brothers that aired on television with multiple episodes. Here are the names of his brothers, also known as Tulfo Brothers: 

• Ramon Tulfo
• Ben Tulfo
• Erwin Tulfo

Did you also know that He also wrote the following famous tabloid that I’m pretty sure you’re reading right now or encountered in the streets:

• Abante-Tonite
• Abante
• Pinoy Parazzi
• Manila Times

Raffy Tulfo is the son of Ramon Tulfo Sr. and Caridad Teshiba-Tulfo. He is married to Jocelyn Pua-Tulfo, who is also in line with politics. They got married on January 20, 1995. His wife is an active representative of ACT-CIS Partylist or the Anti-Crime and Terrorism Community Involvement Community Partylist, together with his two famous brothers Raffy and Ben. They have two kids, namely:

• Maricel Tulfo
• Ralph Tulfo

Like his father, Ralph Tulfo looked like he developed his passion for public service in terms of helping people in need and wrote a few columns in the newspaper. At the same time, Maricel Tulfo considers his father his best friend and a daddy’s girl. Maricel Tulfo is in line with social media as his father also.

Raffy Tulfo on Youtube

Raffy Tulfo is very fond of public service and famous because of his social media influences. Raffy Tulfo is also active on YouTube and gained a lot of followers and subscribers. Raffy Tulfo in Action, Raffy Tulfo’s big hit Youtube channel, earned over 8 million subscribers and 13 million views, and with continuous support, sure, it will come bigger than we thought.

His channel serves as his bridge to help those in need, especially those who experience injustice in life. He didn’t just sit on his chair talking and solving issues; he also joined investigating it. His episodes are all over the news and social media sites and feature even the famous bloggers we know that seek his help.

Why Do People Love Tulfo?

This phenomenon is being enhanced by people having more time to browse, interact, and speak their minds. People have always sought immediate justice, which is why Raffy Tulfo rings the bell when a conflict arises. 

People can appreciate his versatility, his ability to fast-track justice, take action, and advocate for the marginalized: 

• Tulfo provides an action-based public service
• He, together with his brothers, tackle government inefficiencies 
• It transcends entertainment and provides an alternative system for people who are seeking justice
• He offers a convenient, swift, and free service
• They provide immediate resolution 
Raffy Tulfo communicates in a language viewers can easily relate with

What are the awards He received?

Tulfo’s talent as a host and commentator had a considerable effect on his career. This powerful speaking voice and secure hosting make everything different, so he received many praise and awards. Here are some of it: 

• Best Service Host (2018) Lyceum of the Philippines Gawad Rizal
• Asian Best Broadcasters Award (2015)
• Most Trusted Media Personalities for Radio and Television Award (2016) Inding-Indie Short Film Festival

Where can you reach Raffy Tulfo?

The following are a few easy ways to get in touch:

Facebook Page: @raffytulfoinaction

Youtube: Raffy Tulfo In Action

Instagram: @raffytulfoinaction

Tiktok: @raffytulfoinaction

Where and when to watch Raffy Tulfo?

Idol in Action on TV5 and One PH, Monday to Friday, 10AM
• Wanted Sa Radyo on One PH and Radyo5, Monday to Friday, 2PM
• Frontline Pilipinas on TV5 and One PH, Monday to Friday, 5:30PM
• Wanted: Ang Serye on One Screen, Saturdays, 7PM

The important thing is you help no matter what. It can be big or small or even just helping an elderly woman cross the street. The same can be said about Raffy Tulfo. His brave and confident mindset is instilled in every person in need, and he does not back down. We, too, must continue to fight for what is right and never forget to try and be happy.

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